Helping the doctors of tomorrow start their path to success today

Med School Interview Course

The most comprehensive medical school interview preparation course around, this high intensity course will give you the best chance of success on the big day, and help turn those interviews into offers from your chosen med schools. Includes a full mock interview with an experienced panel, covering both traditional and MMI formats.

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Personal Statement Review Service

Your Personal Statement is possibly the most important piece of work you have had to write to date, and probably one of the most difficult. Our Personal Statement Review helps ensure your personal statement accurately reflects your skills, achievements, and character, so that you stand out for the right reasons.

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Bespoke Private Tuition Service

A tailored one-to-one medical school tuition service with one of our experienced tutors focused on your individual requirements; available both via video link or in person.

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Helping the doctors of tomorrow start their path to success today

Find out how to become a doctor with help from our experts at StartMedUK. You will receive a unique service from doctors with experience of both MMI and traditional panel based interview formats. Our team includes experienced clinicians, recent graduates, current students and educationalists, to provide you a personal experience tailored to your needs. We want to help you achieve your goal of becoming a doctor, and getting into medical school is the first step on that journey. Our team have the knowledge and skills to help you start this path to success today. We have a proven formula for success that has worked for many students before, and we are sure we can help you succeed too.

Whether you are preparing your application or planning for the big interview day, and whether you are applying for the first time or have tried unsuccessfully in the past, our courses and tutors will help ensure your preparation is structured, enjoyable, and most importantly, successful.

Please feel free to read more about us, meet the team, or contact us directly if you would like to know more information.

Dr Ryan Dias & Dr Michael Shenouda

Founders of StartMedUK


"The feedback that I received was really constructive and allowed me to focus more on the areas of my interviewing skills that needed improving."

“I felt prepared and confident in every interview and MMI station I walked into.”

“I was shown the correct way to present myself in an interview, language to avoid, and the way to structure my answers to come across clearly and competently.”

“I felt much calmer on the real day as I felt I had done it all before. You couldn't ask for better preparation!”

"The hands-on style really opened my eyes to the challenges of a medical school interview."

"The interviews I had resembled the mini multiple interviews that I encountered at the universities I applied to, and prepared me well for that specific style of interview."

“The mock interview course was, in my opinion, the most important way I prepared for interviews.”

“At the end of the day if you’ve worked hard perfecting your personal statement, spent time at various work experience placements, and taken entrance exams in order to get this far, you’re wasting it all if you don’t practice properly for the interviews.”

“I received offers from everywhere I was interviewed, I even had my first offer the morning after the interview!”

“I was asked in depth and relevant questions which went beyond the scope of an interview practice textbook.”

"The course completely changed the way I went about preparing myself for my interviews."

"It was really good to get constructive feedback on my personal statement, as it helped me perfect it before I applied."

“There were various different types of interview styles and questions which were rigorous and similar in terms of the environment and pressure to the real interview.”

“Invaluable practice. It prepared me very well for my interviews.”

“The feedback I received was very helpful and genuinely guiding.”