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School Services

Alongside our other services, we offer a School Service which can be tailored to the specific needs of your school’s students. Our team, lead by senior tutors Dr Dias and Dr Shenouda, organise and run seminars, tutorials, and courses at your school, which is specifically designed based your students’ requirements.


Key features of our school service include:

  • Bespoke service tailored to specific needs of your students
  • A combination of lectures, workshops, seminars, practical sessions, and mock interview stations based upon your requirements
  • Can cover all aspects of the UCAS application process
  • Can cover interview topics and skills, with focus adapted as required by students
  • Can accommodate a large number of students
  • Can accommodate both Year 12 and Year 13 students
  • Up-to-date information on current medical school requirements
  • Feedback given to both students and teachers
  • Flexible dates available including weekends if required
  • We come to your school so that you do not have to worry about student transport
  • All you need to provide us with is a room with presentation facilities, and a few smaller break-out rooms if mock interviews are requested

Different options and packages available tailored to your requirements. For enquiries, availability, or a quote for our school service, please email

What the teachers say

The students were interviewed by different members of the team using a variety of different techniques (including MMI), making the day all the more realistic and beneficial."

"We were delighted with the support provided by Dr Dias, Dr Shenouda and the team."

"I cannot recommend this team highly enough: they offer a totally unique service which you cannot get anywhere else. The results speak for themselves!"

"Year on year, they created a comprehensive timetable of interviews for each applicant, individualised to cater for each student’s unique application."

"The huge surge, over the last few years, in our students' success in gaining a place at Medical School is undoubtedly a direct result of the support and guidance that Ryan, Michael and the team have offered us."

"The team come VERY highly recommended."

"The team planned and delivered an excellent day which was tailored to the individual applications of our students, resulting in very positive feedback."

"Students were given important advice about the pros and cons of entering a medical career."

"Students were able to gain personal feedback on their personal statements and interview skills, experience MMIs, and participate in a thorough Q&A session with the team."

"The applicant days that the team put on were perfectly planned and executed - all resources, timetables and organisation of the day were shared well in advance."