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Success Stories for StartMedUK

Read success stories and testimonials for StartMedUK from medical students below.

Success Story: Samuel Michail

Samuel Michail, 3rd year Medical Student, St George’s University, London

Samuel came to StartMedUK having been unsuccessful in his initial attempt to get into medical school. Following our intervention and training, he was subsequently successful in his application, receiving offers from all interviews he was invited to attend. He has since joined the StartMedUK team.

"Michael and Ryan's intense, hands-on style really opened my eyes to the challenges of a medical school interview. I felt that they had prepared for the interview with me, researching common questions and analysing my personal statement to ensure the mock felt realistic. In the feedback, I felt that they had unlimited time for me, not rushing or giving me less time then I deserved. Their private tuition had a real personal touch, helping me formulate answers that suited my style of answering and my personality. All in all, I felt much better prepared because of the sessions I had with Michael and Ryan, and I am always grateful for their help in getting me to medical school."

Success Story: Joseph Rose-Grey

Joseph Rose-Grey, 4th year Medical Student, Leeds University

Joseph attended StartMedUK in his preparation, and subsequently received multiple offers following his attendance at his interviews. He is currently studying at Leeds University.

"It was such a good experience getting exposure to the medical school interview early on in the application process. I was able to see how the interview feels and also get great constructive feedback on how I dealt with the situations. It also made me feel much calmer on the real day as I felt I had done it all before. You couldn't ask for better preparation!"

Success Story: Ethan Pooley

Ethan Pooley, 3rd year student, University of East Anglia

Ethan attended the StartMedUK course prior to his application and interview, and was subsequently successful in receiving offers from all three universities where he was interviewed. He is currently studying at the University of East Anglia.

"While making my application for medicine, Dr Dias and Dr Shenouda helped me significantly with their course. There is no better way to prepare yourself for the real thing, and I cannot recommend them enough. I had several interview sessions spanning the various styles and formats of interview I was likely to encounter. I was also asked in depth and relevant questions which went beyond the scope of an interview practice textbook. After each session I was debriefed about where I succeeded and where I didn’t. I was shown the correct way to present myself in an interview, language to avoid, and the way to structure my answers to come across clearly and competently. Despite reading and practicing with my parents, I was still mostly unaware of the mistakes I was making until they were pointed out to me. The sessions completely changed the way I went about preparing myself for my interviews, and I felt prepared and confident in every interview and MMI station I walked into. I received offers from everywhere I was interviewed, I even had my first offer the morning after the interview! At the end of the day if you’ve worked hard perfecting your personal statement, spent time at various work experience placements, and taken entrance exams in order to get this far, you’re wasting it all if you don’t practice properly for the interviews. You don’t want to be worrying on the train home about whether or not you gave the best impression to the interviewers."