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Our Story

After our own medical school applications and interviews, we noted that a lack of resources along the way left us less prepared for the rigours of the medical school interview than we could have been. Despite being accepted to study at our first choice universities respectively, we felt that with better preparation and guidance, the whole process could have been less stressful, more structured, and all round more enjoyable.

The decision to apply to study medicine is one of the landmark moments in any aspiring doctor’s career, but is quickly followed by the realisation of the task ahead. Many thousands of fantastic students apply to study medicine every year, how do I stand a chance? What universities should I apply to? What work experience do I need? How do I begin writing a personal statement? What should or shouldn’t I include? What do I need to know? How do I prepare for the interview?

After going through these struggles ourselves, we decided to use our own experiences and the knowledge and skills we’d acquired along the way to try and provide a service for aspiring young doctors that we would have liked to have had ourselves. We thought that if we could tell others what we wish we had known when we were applying, we could ensure they avoid the same difficulties and pitfalls that we encountered.

Over the next 10 years, we have worked to develop a highly successful programme based on our own, and now others’, experiences. Having both been interviewees and subsequently interviewers, we know exactly what is required to succeed. We know what the universities and interviewers want to see, and the common pitfalls where students repeatedly let themselves down.

We have developed a successful formula that has proved both popular and rewarding with students to date, and we aim to ensure all our students are offered a place at medical school. We have put together a team with significant experience of all interview formats, including both traditional panel interviews and more recently implemented multiple mini-interviews (MMIs), which are becoming increasingly popular with many UK medical schools. We are continually looking to adapt and evolve our courses and services to the needs of our students and schools, and to ensure we keep up to date with changes in the medical school application process as they happen. Whether you are applying to medicine for the first time, or have tried unsuccessfully in the past, we believe our courses will help ensure your preparation for your medical school application and interviews is structured, enjoyable, and most importantly, successful.

Dr Ryan Dias & Dr Michael Shenouda

Founders of StartMedUK